Trump Will Lose but Won't End the GOP, Boehner's Former Press Secretary Says

John Boehner's former press secretary, Michael Steel, has joined the club of Republicans denouncing Donald Trump. These days Magazine op-ed today, he wrote that the GOP presidential nominee is "not a Republican."
Trump should be considered an one-time fluke, solution . Steel, a Georgetown Institute of Politics fellow who served as Boehner's press secretary in the House and a senior advisor to Jeb Bush's presidential campaign.
"He's a third-party populist candidate," Steel told ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein today on the "Powerhouse Politics" podcast. He said Trump "captured the nomination of the Republican party as a result of five-car, six-car pileup in the establishment lane. He essentially was able to hijack the spouse."
Despite concerns towards contrary, he added, "I think his influence in the future will be fairly limited."
When asked if he thought the race for the White House was over, Steel responded, "Yes. Yeah," citing the diminishing chances of Trump's win in traditionally Republican states like Utah, Georgia and Arizona.
"It's hard design an electoral college scenario that isn't laughable that results in his victory," he was quoted saying.
But Steel has hope for 2020. He said he doubts there actually be another Republican candidate like the billionaire showman, because "he will you are a very winnable election" and ruined his image as the winner.
"I think that, absent Trump, marketing techniques . have had a very exciting and interesting primary that wouldve resulted in an applicant who could easily beat Secretary Clinton," he said.
Steel is also optimistic, but cautious the House's down-ballot races this semester.
"There will be some [losses] obviously," Steel said, adding that a weakened majority is "not on Ryan." He attributed prospective losses and a narrow majority for House Republicans to a first rate year for the Democratic Party, that is "organized in wherein we are no more."
In his Time op-ed, Steel emphasized that Trump isn't the end in the Republican party, and that it could rebuild itself in his wake.
For now, he looks forward using a "40-something generation of rising Republican leaders," like Paul Ryan, whose vice-presidential campaign he served in 2012.
"That's something," Steel said, "the Democrats don't have."

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